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Tokyo’s Diverse Agricultural, Forestry, and Marine Products

A diverse range of ingredients are grown and produced throughout Tokyo, including in areas where urbanization has progressed.

Map:Tokyo’s Diverse Agricultural, Forestry, and Marine Products

The product shown for a particular municipality in Tokyo is its distinguishing product, and it is not necessarily the most highly produced product for that area.
Source: Survey by the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Tokyo Islands
Okutama yamame trout (year round)
Tomatoes (January – November)
Passion fruit (March – August)
Ashitaba plant (year round)
Tokyo shamo chicken
Tokyo X pork
Komatsuna greens (year round)
Corn (July and August)
Japanese Pears (August – October)
Kiwifruit (October and November)
Kinmedai alfonsino (Fall – Winter)
Daikon radishes (November and December)