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Sister and Friendship City/State Relationships

Commencing with the signing of its first agreement with New York City in 1960, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government currently has sister or friendship city/state relationships with 12 cities and states around the world. Sports exchanges, including a youth football tournament, and technical exchanges and collaboration in fields such as the environment have been taking place in recent years.

Sister and Friendship Cities/States of Tokyo

■Sister and Friendship Cities/States of Tokyo
City / State Country Date of Affiliation
New York City United States of America February 29, 1960
Beijing Peoplefs Republic of China March 14, 1979
Paris French Republic July 14, 1982
New South Wales Commonwealth of Australia May 9, 1984
Seoul Republic of Korea September 3, 1988
Jakarta Republic of Indonesia October 23, 1989
São Paulo (state) Federative Republic of Brazil June 13, 1990
Cairo Arab Republic of Egypt October 23, 1990
Moscow Russian Federation July 16, 1991
Berlin Federal Republic of Germany May 14, 1994
Rome Republic of Italy July 5, 1996
London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland October 14, 2015

Major Events and Activities

*Official visits by the governor to sister and friendship cities/states
(Beijing, Paris, Seoul, Moscow, Berlin, London)

*Visits to the TMG by the heads of Tokyo’s friendship cities/states
(Premier of New South Wales, Mayor of Seoul, Mayor of Moscow, Vice Mayor of Berlin, Mayor of London, etc.)

*TMG policy presentations for delegations from sister and friendship cities/states
(New York City, Paris, New South Wales, Seoul, Jakarta, Moscow, Berlin)

Map: Sister and Friendship Cities/States of Tokyo