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Tokyo's Symbols

Symbol of the Metropolis
Tokyo Symbol and Logo
The symbol of the metropolis is made up of three arcs resembling a ginkgo leaf to represent the letter T for Tokyo. The metropolitan logo is normally rendered in a vivid green color to symbolize Tokyo’s future growth, charm and tranquility. The symbol was officially adopted on June 1, 1989.
Tokyo Crest
The crest of Tokyo represents the sun radiating energy in six directions.
Ginkgo leaf
Tokyo Tree
Ginkgo biloba, a deciduous tree native to China reaching up to 30 meters in height, was designated the official metropolitan tree on November 8, 1996. Ginkgo trees are either male or female, and their distinctive fan-shaped leaves change from light green to bright yellow in autumn. The ginkgo tree is commonly found along Tokyo’s streets and avenues.
Black-headed gull (Yurikamome)
Tokyo Bird
The yurikamome gull has a vermilion bill and legs. It comes south to Tokyo in late October every year and sojourns in the ports and rivers around Tokyo until the following April. A favorite theme of poets and painters, it is also called miyakodori, meaning “bird of the capital.’’ It was designated the official metropolitan bird on October 1, 1965.
Somei-Yoshino cherry blossom
Tokyo Flower
The Somei-yoshino cherry tree was developed in the late Edo period (1603 –1867) by early horticulturists as the result of wild cherry tree cultivation. The light pink blossoms can only be enjoyed for a short time, making it a highly popular orchard tree throughout Japan. It was designated the official metropolitan flower on June 22, 1984.