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October 2, 2015
Bureau of General Affairs

Security Control at the TMG Main Buildings

Security gates and registration desks will be installed at the three main buildings of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for full implementation of security control. The understanding and cooperation of all visitors to the buildings shall be highly appreciated.

1 Date of implementation

From Monday, October 5, 2015

2 Locations of security gates

  • TMG Building No. l and No. 2: In front of the first floor and second floor elevator banks
  • Metropolitan Assembly Building: In front of the first floor elevator banks and at the entrances to the second floor north and south lobbies

*Security guards will be implementing the checks until the installation of automatic security gates

3 Entering and leaving the building

Entering the building (for those using the elevator)

  • Write your name and the name of the section you will be visiting on the visitor’s slip and receive a “Visitor Pass” at the reception desk.
  • Pass through the gate by showing the Visitor Pass to the security guard.

*The Visitor Pass is valid for only one entry to the building on the date of issue. Those re-entering the building will need to go through the admission procedures again.

When leaving

Return the Visitor Pass to the security guard and pass through the gate.


Security Control
General Affairs Section, Bureau of General Affairs