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February 17, 2016
Bureau of Environment

About Participation in the Climate Positive Development Program (C40 Sustainable Urban Development Recognition Framework)

With the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s successful application to the Climate Positive Development Program, “Development of the Former Site of the JR Shinagawa Depot Railway Yard” (Shinagawa Development Project) by East Japan Railway Co., Ltd. has become the first project in Japan to be accepted for participation in this program.

The Climate Positive Development Program is a C40 recognition framework with the goal of promoting sustainable development model projects to realize the low carbon city. In this program, C40 recognizes the urban development that successfully reduces greenhouse gas below zero and suits to the climate change policy of the city in which development site are located.

Mark Watts, C40 Executive Director, said:
“Shinagawa’s participation in the Climate Positive Development Program is a testament to the role that cities and the private sector can play in affecting real, positive urban change. I applaud Tokyo and JR-East’s dedication to creating and delivering innovative solutions to climate change. These are exactly the kinds of impressive actions that show how cities are delivering on the commitments made in Paris during the COP 21 conference.”

Currently, seventeen projects all over the world are being carried out, such as those in London and Sydney.

The Shinagawa Development Project is looking into implementing cutting-edge systems to save energy in buildings and converting food waste to biomass, etc. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is providing technical cooperation and support for this progressive project addressing climate change.

C40 (Global Leadership on Climate Change)

Founded in 2005 as a network for cities around the world to work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the C40 currently has 84 cities as members. Tokyo joined in 2006.

Overview of Climate Positive Development Program

A recognition framework by the C40 to promote sustainable urban development with development models such as reducing the net greenhouse gas emissions of a development site below zero. When participation in the program is recognized, a project starts at the first stage as a Candidate, and each successive stage until the project is completed requires additional inspection to be recognized. In order to participate in the program, a project is recognized based on an application by the city in which development sites are located.
Since the development projects are long-term, there are currently no projects that have reached the Progress Site or Climate Positive stages.

Process for Achieving Climate Positive

Stage 1: Candidate: Project Application Accepted
Stage 2: Participant: Detailed Plans Approved
Stage 3: Progress site: Development Following Roadmap
Stage 4: Climate Positive: Project Completion

*The Shinagawa Development Project was recognized as a Stage 1 Candidate. Until development is completed and the Climate Positive stage is reached, the examination and recognition process will be carried out for each stage.

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