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Updated on January 4, 2017

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Summary of Governor Koike's New Year Address to TMG Employees


On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, the first day of work in the new year, Governor Koike spoke to the employees of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG). The following is a summary of her New Year address.

Happy New Year!

Maintaining a higher level of preparedness for the harsh environment at home and abroad

Going above and beyond our efforts to date, we must incorporate new ideas as we overcome the many difficulties that lie ahead. I want to once again brace for these challenges and engage in my work, maintaining a high level of preparedness together.

Using the action plan as a guide, walk with the people of Tokyo

The action plan that we announced at the end of last year will become the route and guide to the future. By fusing the rich experience of veteran employees with the bold viewpoints of young employees, new ideas will be born. I also want each bureau to actively draw upon the opinions and enthusiasm of young employees and tackle issues with a flexible mindset.

Enhancing the effectiveness of the plan

In order to move the plan forward, along with firmly securing the budget, each of you must become central figures in implementing the plan. Maintaining a sweeping birds-eye view of the whole, let's incorporate a wealth of ideas and start a movement to build a bright future together.

Advancing reform to transform the TMG

Through advancing reforms, we will restore trust in metropolitan administration. And, with the support of the people of Tokyo behind us, we will transform the TMG into an organization that speedily advances measures. We will build a solid foundation for a promising future.

A united TMG will advance toward the Tokyo 2020 Games

There are three years to go to the Tokyo 2020 Games. The entire TMG will unite to realize a sustainable Games and demonstrate the model of a city that continues to grow under the grand legacy of the Games.

 Continuing to thoroughly instill "life-work balance"

Let's spread work styles that facilitate a rich life and career from the TMG. Use the opportunity presented by the start of a new year, and take a moment now to rethink how you use your time.
As we head toward the "new Tokyo" that enables residents to make their dreams and aspirations come true, let's work together and make every day count!