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Updated on February 14, 2017

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Governor meets with FISA President



On Tuesday, February 14, Governor Koike met with Mr. Jean-Christophe Rolland, President of FISA, the World Rowing Federation, who was visiting Japan to attend the 2017 FISA Extraordinary Congress.

“I hope that you will certainly utilize the Naganuma Boat Race Course for pre-Games training camps, as it is an amazing facility, which is already prepared to accommodate athletes. I hope that you will also spread the message about Naganuma to FISA members,” said the governor regarding Tokyo 2020 Games training camp sites for Rowing.

Speaking about the decision to make Umi-no-Mori (Sea Forest Waterway) the venue for Rowing and Canoe Sprint, President Rolland said, “I am very pleased about this and grateful.” Tome City and other cities aiming to host pre-Games training camps set up booths at the 2017 FISA Extraordinary Congress to provide an overview of the waterways and promote the advantages of each area. Having seen the exhibits, President Rolland commented, “Since I now know that Naganuma is a suitable location for pre-Games training camps, I hope that several teams will choose it.”