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Updated on June 14, 2017

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ICAP Tokyo Symposium 2017




On Wednesday, June 14, Governor Koike attended the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) Tokyo Symposium 2017 held in Tokyo.

The symposium gathers ICAP members, Asian countries, Japanese local government officials charged with policy planning, and others to share the outcomes and expertise of progressive initiatives taken both at home and abroad to address climate change, with the goal of disseminating and expanding emissions trading schemes.

The governor met with EU Ambassador Viorel Isticioaia-Budura before the symposium.
After stating that climate change is an issue that requires global collaborative engagement, Governor Koike expressed her regret over President Trump’s announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. She also mentioned the Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program and other initiatives underway, and said,“ICAP is composed of European countries and others and Tokyo is the only member participating city. I hope that the EU and Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will enhance cooperation and with strong determination together lead the global initiative against climate change for the sake of our planet and children.”
On the EU’s part, Ambassador Isticioaia-Budura said that the“EU and our allies would like to demonstrate leadership and uphold our responsibilities in the fight against global warming.”He then touched on the importance of measures taken on the local government level and asked for the TMG’s cooperation.

In her opening address at the symposium, Governor Koike stated that it is important for states and cities across the globe that share the same aspirations to cooperate and stand up against the climate change crisis together. She said that“Tokyo will strongly advance climate change countermeasures while promoting the city’s growth.”
Moreover, of the three cities that the TMG is aiming to realize, the“Smart City” policy is Tokyo’s growth strategy, she said. According to the governor, as environmental policies are at the center of the Smart City, the TMG will implement urban development that incorporates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concepts.
In addition, she introduced measures to popularize and promote the use of LED lights and initiatives to produce medals for the Tokyo 2020 Games from the“urban mine”and said,“Tokyo will realize its aim to become an environmentally-advanced city through such measures as the urban cap-and-trade scheme, support for initiatives taken by small and medium-sized businesses and the energy-saving efforts of individual households, and the active use of renewable energy.”

The governor’s address was followed by keynote lectures on great shift to a low carbon society driven by climate change risks and new market opportunities and the global spread of carbon pricing. There were also presentations introducing corporate measures taken against global warming and theme-based sessions.