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Updated on January 4, 2018

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Summary of Governor Koike's New Year Address to TMG Employees 

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On Thursday, January 4, 2018, the first work day of the new year, Governor Koike spoke to the employees of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG). The following is a summary of her New Year address.

Happy New Year!

Renewing our resolve in this milestone year

This year is certain to be an exciting year for international sports. To channel this excitement into the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, I hope to strengthen cooperation with affiliated organizations and make this the year that rapidly boosts anticipation for both events. With this year also marking the 150th anniversary of "Edo" being renamed "Tokyo," I look forward to renewing my commitment to the development of Tokyo.

Ensuring realization of the three "cities" of Tokyo

To realize the "three cities" set forth in The Action Plan for 2020, "Safe City," "Diversity" (Diverse City), and "Smart City," I look forward to working with you and others to ensure these policies chart an even more certain course to Tokyo's future with an eye to sustainable growth in 2025 and beyond. Without delay, I will devote myself to assessing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, starting today, in order to push policies forward. Further refining policies and the budget, let's unite to steadily walk the path toward Tokyo's future.

Vigorously advancing metropolitan administration reform

For Tokyo to achieve sustainable growth as the issues that affect the city grow more complex and diverse, including a rapidly graying society, the evolution of metropolitan affairs through constant reform is essential. I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm the significance of such reform with all of you now. I look forward to tirelessly pursuing reform again this year.

Raise productivity

This year, we will continue to actively tackle work style reform. I would like for you to advance initiatives to serve as the foundation for teleworking, such as paperless initiatives. We must stay current, constantly review the way we work, and zero in on what must be achieved to enhance productivity. Through these efforts, let's enhance both our professional and private lives, and work for the true benefit of Tokyo and its people.

Have a global perspective

The very key to elevating Tokyo and Japan's presence amid tough international competition is having a broad awareness of what is happening in the world to examine Tokyo's challenges from a bird's-eye perspective, and advancing substantive policies. I hope you will take a broad view as you engage in your work.

We are currently in the midst of rapid change. Working with a sense of urgency, I look forward to devoting myself to the bright future of Tokyo. Over the upcoming year, let's work hard together.