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Tokyo Forum for Clean City & Clear Sky

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On Tuesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 23, Governor Koike attended the Tokyo Forum for Clean City & Clear Sky, hosted by Tokyo.

The forum focused on environmental issues that major cities around the world commonly face: waste management, sustainable resource management, and air pollution. It aimed to have the representatives from 22 cities including Tokyo share information on effective policy measures and expertise for realizing a sustainable urban environment and discuss solutions.

In the opening session on the 22nd, Governor Koike said, “This year marks an important milestone—the 150th anniversary of the renaming of Edo to Tokyo. Over the past 150 years, Tokyo has cultivated its own character as a city, including culture, history, and technologies. It has matured into a city full of charm where tradition and innovation coexist.” Mentioning Tokyo’s hosting of the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, the governor added, “Using these events as a springboard to become a sustainable city, along with promoting Tokyo’s advanced initiatives to the world, we will further speed up efforts to make sustainability a legacy of the Games.”

The governor continued, saying, “The role that cities must play in maintaining global sustainable development is also increasingly important. Examples include the waste management problem, greater consumption of natural resources, and air pollution faced by Asian cities that are undergoing rapid economic growth. I am very pleased to be a part of wide ranging discussions on these compelling environmental issues, and to have cities contribute knowledge from around the world.”

The governor added that in promoting environmental measures, it is necessary to apply the martial arts concept of mind, skill, and body (shingitai), in other words, changing awareness, technological innovation, and policy measures. She then introduced her specific shingitai initiatives, such as the prevalence of “cool biz,” greater use of renewable energy, and Tokyo’s cap-and-trade program.

She wrapped up her remarks by saying, “I hope that the cities here will strongly unite and continue to work together. I look forward to each city’s efforts to achieve a ‘Clean City & Clear Sky’.”

After the opening session, Mayoral Plenary Session 1 was held where the cities’ representatives gave presentations and exchanged opinions on the theme of “Aiming for a Sustainable Urban Environment: Current Global Trends and the Role of Cities.”

Governor Koike also attended Mayoral Plenary Session 2 held on the 23rd. Based on the theme, “Global Partnerships for a Sustainable Urban Environment,” building on discussions held the previous day, discussions were held on the importance of collaboration and cooperation with a variety of partners and ways to realize a sustainable urban environment under a global partnership.

The Tokyo Forum for Clean City & Clear Sky ended successfully with the adoption of the Tokyo Declaration.