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Speech at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris on October 29, 2015

October 29, 2015

Tokyo Governor Masuzoe spoke in Paris at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he reaffirmed the lasting bond between the two cities. “Paris has taught me, Japan and Tokyo so much over the years. During Tokyo’s rapid growth after the 1923 earthquake, Governor Shinpei Goto and others keenly studied Haussmann’s renovation of Paris. They then ‘Haussmannised’ Tokyo with new boulevards, open spaces and housing to re-make the Capital.”

The governor then stated that he is working to ensure that Tokyo becomes a more mature city. “By mature, I mean we replace the fixation on quantity with a discerning appreciation for quality of life and the richness of experience, so the lives of the people living in and visiting our cities are fuller and more comfortable than ever before.” The governor also stated his goal to achieve a hydrogen society as a legacy of the 2020 Games.

The governor promoted Tokyo as the center for global business of the future. “We want to make Tokyo an international business and innovation hub by properly leveraging its potential as a national strategic special zone to allow for deregulation and measures to support start-ups through new One-Stop Business Establishment Center that will integrate eight difficult procedures and guide businesses through them.”

In his final remarks the governor added, “There are so many ways in which Paris and France have inspired me and my countrymen and I hope that Tokyo can keep growing together with Paris. Like Baron Haussmann’s grand design for Paris, I hope my vision will be as large and lasting as his.”

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