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Updated on February 17, 2016

Policy Speech by the Governor of Tokyo, Yoichi Masuzoe, at the First Regular Session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 2016

1. Tokyo’s forward-thinking initiatives

  • The environment surrounding Tokyo
  • After the Rio Games
  • Tokyo’s grand design
  • Safety and security are key to Tokyo’s growth
  • Social participation by all will drive Tokyo’s growth
  • Enhancing local potential
  • The 2020 Games as a catalyst to speed up growth
  • Aiming to become a comfortable, mature society

2. Budget for the 2016 fiscal year

3. Steady preparations as an Olympic and Paralympic Games host city

  • Delivering two successful world sporting events
  • Progress for disabled sports
  • Tokyo changing with the Games

4. A society with active participation by all

  • A city with an advanced welfare system
  • A society with the participation of all
  • A city where people can feel safe and secure

5. Developing as a global city to revitalize Japan

  • Building infrastructure to develop urban functions
  • Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Advancing environmental policy
  • Making tourism a major industry
  • Policy implementation by public enterprises
  • Opening of the Toyosu Market

6. Promotion of the Tama Area and the Islands

7. For a bright future beyond 2020

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