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4. Main bills

I would like to now speak about the main bills and other matters we are presenting to this regular session of the Assembly. Regarding construction of Yamba Dam, we are proposing a bill to agree to the project cost increase announced by the central government last month. In view of the water situation Tokyo faced this summer, this is an extremely important dam for enhancing safety in terms of flood control and water utilization. Based on such considerations as well as reviews conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and five relevant prefectures, we will agree to the adjusted cost through this bill.

For the title of Tokyo Honorable Citizen, we have selected Mr. Satoshi Omura, Mr. Seiji Ozawa, and Mr. Yoshinobu Miyake as candidates this year.

Mr. Satoshi Omura has made great contributions to the development of pharmaceuticals derived from microorganisms, including a drug he developed through industry-academia partnership, which has been effective in helping an annual 300 million people in the developing world combat debilitating tropical diseases such as river blindness.

Mr. Seiji Ozawa has long been active on the frontlines of the international music world in a range of capacities, including serving as the first Japanese music director of the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera).

Mr. Yoshinobu Miyake won two gold medals in Weightlifting, including one at the last Olympic Games held in Tokyo, and has devoted tireless efforts to fostering the next generations.

The three candidates were chosen for the award by the selection committee because they are more than worthy of the respect and admiration of Tokyo citizens. With the approval of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, we wish to award them the title of Honorable Citizen next month. The cooperation of the Assembly would be most appreciated.

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