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4. Closing remarks

Many people say that "Maintaining the status quo is to fall into decline." I think Japan has long been satisfied with maintaining the status quo. Maintaining the status quo may feel comfortable at that time, but that just brings about a decline of society, economy, and politics as well.

Many Tokyo citizens are calling on me to proceed with my reform initiatives. I think this is because they sense that we can no longer afford to stay with the status quo and that remaining the same will only lead to decline and regression.

I have heard that at this Assembly as well, you are launching discussions on various initiatives for reform. For the bright future of Tokyo in 2020 and beyond, I am looking forward to working together with the members of this Assembly who are enthusiastic about proceeding with reform.

Including the matters to which I have already referred, a total of 33 proposals have been presented to this regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, including 10 ordinance bills and 14 proposed contracts, to be deliberated among the Assembly members.

Before I conclude my policy address to the Assembly, let me tell you once again that I am fully committed to my "grand reform of Tokyo." Thank you.

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