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June 12th, 2018

Policy Speech by the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, at the Second Regular Session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 2018.

In opening the second regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly in 2018, I wish to relate my basic stance on future metropolitan administration.

1. Introduction

  • The legacy of our predecessors who transformed Tokyo
  • Strategic initiatives for new advances

2. Protecting the people from passive smoking

3. We will not tolerate a revision of the tax system that targets Tokyo

4. Opening of the Toyosu Market and redevelopment of the Tsukiji area

5. Unwavering advancement of reform

  • Enhancing the volitional implementation and effectiveness of Reform for 2020
  • Toward proper management of extra-governmental organizations
  • All-out implementation of tendering system reform

6. Ensuring the success of the Rugby World Cup and the Tokyo 2020 Games

  • The historic stage of the Rugby World Cup 2019
  • Pushing forward preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Games with the citizens of Tokyo and all of Japan
  • Heightening a sense of unity for the Games

7. For a Tokyo that embraces diversity and where everyone shines

  • Building an inclusive society where everyone is respected
  • A society where the joy of having and raising children can be felt
  • Raise abilities in children to brighten their lives
  • Securing safety and security that lay the foundation for everyone to shine

8. Developing the strengths of Tokyo to win in the competition among cities

  • Initiatives supporting a pleasant and sustainable urban environment
  • Building the foundation for Tokyo’s sustainable growth

9. Conclusion

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