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September 19th, 2018

Policy Speech by the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, at the Third Regular Session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 2018.

In opening the third regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly in 2018, I wish to relate my basic stance on future metropolitan administration.

In the time following the strong earthquake that shook northern Osaka Prefecture in June, large-scale disasters occurred one after another across Japan, including torrential rains and Typhoon No. 21 (Typhoon Jebi), the strongest typhoon to come ashore in 25 years, which affected mainly western Japan, and the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake. I would like to again extend my deepest condolences to all who lost loved ones and my heartfelt sympathies to all who were affected.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has swiftly responded to these disasters, dispatching TMG employees to the affected areas, sending supplies, and providing other forms of support. And, we will continue to provide as much support possible. As governor, I am responsible for protecting the lives and assets of the citizens of Tokyo. Bearing in mind that a disaster can also strike Tokyo at any time and could cause a situation that goes beyond worst case scenarios, I emphasize anew that we will continue to make more than sufficient preparations. This is the only way I can realize my goal of making Tokyo a “Safe City.”

1. Tokyo’s disaster preparedness and environmental measures

  • Ensuring the capital is completely prepared
  • Promoting measures for the environment

2. Making the Tokyo 2020 Games and Rugby World Cup 2019 a success

  • Addressing four issues, including the heat
  • Raising all-Japan unity
  • One year to go to Rugby World Cup 2019

3. Developing Toyosu Market into Japan’s central market

4. The last two years and the next two years

  • Tokyo must further evolve as a city
  • Progressing toward the “New Tokyo,” and responding to the mandate of our citizens
  • Three keys to raising Tokyo’s growth potential

5. For a Tokyo where everyone is radiant and “people” power growth

  • A Tokyo to lead a fulfilling 100-year life
  • Advancing the role of women in all fields
  • Raising children who will shoulder the future
  • Creating a radiant society where everyone accepts each other
  • To promote the development of SMEs
  • Further enhancement of Tokyo’s attractions

6. Key bills

7. Closing remarks

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