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3. Steadfastly protecting children from abuse

Continuing on, I will now speak about our key policies. First, child abuse prevention, a pressing issue that must be dealt with immediately.

We must absolutely prevent the endless cases of child abuse in the home, which is supposed to be the fortress that keeps children safe and secure. With strong resolve, we are proposing an ordinance for the prevention of child abuse, which we have deliberated while taking into consideration the opinions of experts and the people of Tokyo. Along with prohibiting corporal punishment by guardians, the ordinance also makes promotion of child rearing that does not rely on corporal punishment a duty of the TMG, and clarifies matters such as the sharing of required information with the police in order to facilitate an appropriate response to abuse cases.

Based on this ordinance, we will effectively advance efforts to prevent abuse, as well as to promptly uncover and respond to abuse. In addition, we will launch a study panel with the municipalities to strengthen cooperation for the child consultation system for all of Tokyo. Children are precious and must be respected in all situations as individuals who have rights. To protect their rights and interests, and to ensure their sound growth, we will comprehensively promote measures.

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