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8. Enhancing the appeal and vitality of the Tama area and Tokyo islands

I will now go on to promotion of the Tama area and Tokyo islands.

To raise the appeal and vitality of the Tama area, it is necessary to improve the ease with which people and goods move and further invigorate exchange within and around the area. To that end, we will further enhance the transportation and logistics network that underpins the development of the Tama area, including steadily advancing the construction and development of the north-south and east-west arterial roads that form the Tama area’s framework, as well as roads including the Minami Tama-One Trunk Road.

To link the Tama area’s concentration of universities and research institutions -- a strength of the region -- to revitalizing industry, we will establish a new center in Tachikawa City to support startups. By providing a range of support to those hoping to start a company, we will work to increase the business entry rate.

Renewal of Tama New Town is also a crucial task for revitalization of the area. By utilizing vacant shops within the housing complexes, redistributing urban functions within the area, using advanced technology to make it easier to get around the area, and other initiatives to make Tama New Town a model for other “new towns” across the country, we will create a dynamic area where people of all ages enjoy a rich life.

With respect to the Tokyo islands, we will place additional focus on tourism promotion. Along with accelerating our branding initiative to enhance the appeal of the islands, we will work to improve convenience for travelers and their level of satisfaction, including implementing a pilot program to promote the move to cashless payment and promoting the development of high-quality lodging facilities, with the aim to make the islands a destination bustling with visitors. In addition, we are moving forward with studies on transportation access to the Ogasawara Islands. In next fiscal year’s proposed budget, we have included the costs of studying the construction of an airport in the Susaki district that considers factors such as geological features, weather conditions, and environmental impacts.

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