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9. Building up achievements of the Grand Reform of Tokyo

Serving as Home Minister at the time, Shinpei Goto, who led the reconstruction of Tokyo after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, said “As capital of the Empire, Tokyo is the center of national politics and the source of national culture,” and rebuilding Tokyo is to “form the structure for development of the Empire and improvement of the lives of the people.” Advanced under such grand ideals, the many various projects that created the backbone of today’s Tokyo, including construction of wide arterial roads, modern bridges, and numerous parks, raised the capital’s urban power by showing foresight in areas such as strengthening readiness for major earthquakes and responding to the age of automobiles that was to come.

Today as well it is crucial to have a perspective that looks well into the future to enhance Tokyo’s potential today as well. We will strengthen Tokyo’s urban power, boost its productivity, and bring out the city’s vitality by connecting people. The very mission we are charged with now is to lay the foundation for Tokyo and Japan’s growth to continue beyond 2020 by raising Tokyo’s true potential. To accomplish this mission, we will continue to roll out metropolitan government services that focus on the people, who are the source of all of Tokyo’s strengths, and build up achievements of the Grand Reform of Tokyo to create the “New Tokyo.” I sincerely request the understanding and support of the Assembly and that of the people of Tokyo.

Including the matters to which I have already referred, a total of 102 proposals have been presented to this regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, including 33 budget bills and 53 proposed ordinances, to be deliberated among the Assembly members.

This concludes my policy address to the Assembly. Thank you.

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