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February 21, 2019

Policy Speech by the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, at the First Regular Session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 2019.

In opening the first regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly in 2019, I wish to relate my basic stance on future metropolitan administration.

This year marks a full 30 years on the throne for His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito. On the 24th of this month, a commemorative ceremony to be attended by Their Imperial Majesties will be held. At the ceremony, I will represent Tokyo, Japan’s capital, and its 13 million citizens as governor and extend our most heartfelt congratulations.

On January 23, Honorable Citizen of Tokyo Mr. Teiichi Yamada passed away. I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

1. Introduction

  • Looking back on the 30 years of the Heisei Era
  • Developing a new growth model for a shrinking population

2. Pushing forward with the future-oriented “Grand Reform of Tokyo” that will create the “new Tokyo”

  • Three pillars to strengthen the foundation for sustainable growth
  • Strengthening policies to realize the three cities, and looking even further into the future
  • A budget that paves the way to the future
  • Constantly enhancing the capabilities of the TMG

3. Steadfastly protecting children from abuse

4. Creating a Tokyo that is safe, secure, and attractive by boosting urban power

  • Realizing a safe and secure Tokyo
  • Measures to combat climate change that must be advanced now
  • Strengthening urban power by enhancing the rail and road network
  • Raising the appeal of metropolitan parks

5. Generating sustainable growth and driving Japan’s economy: A truly productive Tokyo

  • Toward the vision SMEs should pursue
  • Cultivating global startups from Tokyo
  • Raising Tokyo’s earning potential by investing in growth sectors
  • Invigorating industry in a range of fields
  • Urban development that supports sustainable growth

6. Connecting people to create a Tokyo where residents can live vibrant lives with peace of mind

  • Peace of mind for senior citizens and people with impairments
  • Encouraging the activities of highly motivated individuals
  • Realizing a city where people can have children and raise them with peace of mind
  • Cultivating human resources to shine in a new era
  • Establish the “Tokyo model” by promoting Smooth Biz

7. Toward Rugby World Cup 2019TM and the Tokyo 2020 Games

  • Enthusiasm builds for Rugby World Cup 2019TM
  • Tokyo 2020 Games preparations that will contribute to the city’s evolution
  • Creating momentum to steer the Tokyo 2020 Games to success

8. Enhancing the appeal and vitality of the Tama area and Tokyo islands

9. Building up achievements of the Grand Reform of Tokyo

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