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June 4, 2019

Policy Speech by the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, at the Second Regular Session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 2019

In opening the second regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly in 2019, I wish to relate my basic stance on future metropolitan administration.

Amid celebration by the people of Tokyo and Japan, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor ascended to the throne on May 1. As governor of the capital -- Tokyo -- I wish to offer my most heartfelt congratulations.

1. Tokyo in the Reiwa era: Maturity and ongoing growth

  • Ringing in the first year of the Reiwa Era -- a historic year for Tokyo
  • Advancing the Grand Reform of Tokyo to continue boldly taking on challenges with new ideas
  • Study of a new long-term plan
  • Promotion of metropolitan government reform with the aim to enhance TMG group functions

2. Realizing a Tokyo that shines beyond 2020

  • Environmental measures for realization of a sustainable society
  • Ensuring safety and peace of mind is essential to Tokyo’s maturity and ongoing growth
  • Refining Tokyo’s ability to be “truly productive”

3. To fully utilize the power of “people,” the force driving Tokyo’s development

  • Daycare waiting list measures are bearing fruit
  • Accelerating measures to protect people
  • Nurturing people who shoulder a new era
  • Realization of a society kind to both people and animals

4. For the Rugby World Cup 2019TM and the Tokyo 2020 Games

  • The approaching Rugby World Cup 2019TM
  • Preparing for the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games

5. Continue running at full force as a sustainable city

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