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3. Boldly advancing investment in the future

Forging the future from the “7C TOKYO” perspective

We will use the success of Rugby World Cup 2019TM and the Tokyo 2020 Games as a springboard to achieve sustainable growth for Tokyo and Japan beyond 2020. For that purpose, it is imperative that we take this time now to boldly advance “investment in the future.” We clarified seven strategic perspectives in our Key Policy Directions 2019, formulated in July, to ensure this investment is truly effective. The Chance, Change, Challenge, and Check perspectives represent the stance and principles of the metropolitan government. Community, Children, and Chōju indicate policies designed to help the people of Tokyo shine. Along with creating new policies based on the 7C TOKYO perspectives in the lead-up to 2020, we will also push ahead with formulation of a new long-term strategy, which will set the course to creating the future with an eye to the 2040s.

Concerning this long-term strategy, last month, we sorted out points of discussion to create a Tokyo full of vitality. Now, broadly seeking the opinions of the people of Tokyo, experts, Tokyo municipalities, industry, labor, and others, and based on discussions by this Assembly, by year’s end, we aim to announce a new long-term strategic vision, which sets forth the major policy pillars that will serve as the foundation for the long-term strategy.

Studying new metropolitan government reforms

The Reform Plan for 2020, which we are currently advancing to strengthen the functions of the TMG, will conclude at the end of the next fiscal year. In the years beyond the plan, the TMG will continue to pioneer new ideas, and while demonstrating high productivity, we will effectively advance policies to pursue the vision of Tokyo to be outlined in the long-term strategy. To that end, along with expanding upon the Reform Plan for 2020 we must also advance new reforms focusing on the 2040s. To constantly stay ahead in a rapidly changing era where innovations in ICT technology never cease, the birth rate continues to decline, and other challenges emerge, and to realize a metropolitan government that implements strategic policies, at the meeting of the Office of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Reform held yesterday, I instructed all TMG bureaus to conduct a complete overhaul, including rethinking existing systems and looking ahead to challenges such as achieving regulatory reform. We will study drastic initiatives that will advance metropolitan government reform to a new stage.

Recently, the Fair Trade Commission called on us to implement improvements to follow the Act Concerning Elimination and Prevention of Involvement in Bid Rigging, etc. As governor, I would like to deeply apologize for this incident. The entire TMG will do all possible to prevent a reoccurrence and work to regain the trust of the people of Tokyo.


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