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4. A Tokyo that drives Japan’s growth and shines in the world

We will accelerate measures aimed at creating a Tokyo that continues to “grow” as the focus of the world’s attention and city of choice to drive the growth of the entire country.

Rolling out growth strategies that create new value and make Tokyo’s future shine

Social implementation of Society 5.0 for the further growth of Tokyo

The waves of change generated by rapidly-advancing cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and IoT, are quickly spreading to every corner of our daily lives, bringing new vitality and richness to our society. Against the backdrop of fierce competition among the world’s cities, Tokyo must successfully catch these waves of change and generate new forms of value to achieve further growth. The key to this will be the realization of Society 5.0. We will boldly implement growth strategies to achieve this goal and lead to a bright future.

The promotion of cashless payments is an important growth strategy. Not only does it enhance convenience for Tokyo’s residents and foreign travelers, but it also leads to the generation of new services that utilize payment data. In a model project that starts this fiscal year, consumers contributing to the promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals will be issued our original digital currency for use in private sector payment services to help spread the adoption of cashless payments.

“Mobility as a Service (MaaS)” unites various modes of transport into one service. For the social implementation of MaaS, we will conduct a field test to build a system where a combination of transportation services providing optimal mobility can be booked in a single operation. In the future, we hope to create a next-generation mobility service that, among others, enables people to travel without any waiting times and senior citizens to get around safely and unhindered.

Creating a virtuous cycle of innovation

“Innovation ecosystems” are rapidly forming in cities across the globe. An innovation ecosystem allows a variety of actors, such as venture companies, investors, and research organizations, to cluster and collaborate to create new business models. To emerge victorious in the intensifying global competition for innovation, we have designated three areas in central Tokyo, including the Marunouchi district, to lead the development of such ecosystems. By providing intensive support to these areas, such as sending personnel who can bring together diverse actors and publicizing best practices within Japan and abroad, we will further accelerate efforts to improve the environment for creation of a virtuous cycle of innovation.

Moreover, we will advance entrepreneurship education for children in an effort to expand the number of potential entrepreneurs. Through measures such as offering consultations on the implementation of entrepreneurship programs in elementary and middle schools in Tokyo, and holding events where children can engage hands-on in a business startup simulation, we wish to raise children's interest in entrepreneurship so that it can be a future career option.

Industry promotion through esports

The popularity of electronic sports, or esports, is expected to spread both within and outside Japan. We will raise interest in esports to promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in related industries. The “TOKYO eSPORTS FESTA,” scheduled to be held next January, will feature diverse programs, including esports competitions, an exhibition of products and technologies, and interactive experiences. We will be announcing the festival’s plans and start recruiting participating companies.

Measures that will lead to revitalization of the entire country

To expand the overall size of the Japanese economy amid harsh international competition, it is essential that Tokyo and other regions of the country leverage their unique characteristics and strengths, and collaborate for a mutually beneficial and prosperous relationship. One example of such collaboration is the initiative to expand demand for domestic lumber. In an effort spearheaded by the TMG, the National Governors’ Association issued a statement on its determination and stance to achieve that goal, and put together a concrete policy recommendation. And, last month, I met directly with the relevant ministers to ask for their cooperation. I will continue to work in close partnership with local governments across the country to advance measures that lead to revitalization of all of Japan.

Fully drawing out the potential of Tokyo to achieve sustainable growth

Tokyo is a tapestry of diverse attractions, such as a rich nature, history and culture, in addition to sophisticated urban functions. We will draw out the potential of Tokyo to the greatest possible extent for the sustainable growth of the city.

Bolstering Haneda Airport’s functionality

Enhancing the functionality of Haneda Airport is crucial to boost Tokyo and Japan’s international competitiveness and ensure the smooth operations of the Tokyo 2020 Games. We have been calling on the national government to step up noise pollution and safety measures and information provision to gain the deeper understanding of Tokyo residents and related municipal governments. Along with indicating stricter measures, such as requiring planes to fly at higher altitudes in their approach, the central government has decided to increase the annual departure and arrival slots for international flights at Haneda Airport by about 39,000 starting next March. The TMG will actively cooperate with the national government to achieve this goal, while continuing to request steady implementation of the measures and detailed provision of information.

Urban development that enhances the value of the city

Relocation of the elevated section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway in the Nihombashi area underground will lead to the formation of a stylish cityscape and symbolize Tokyo’s heightening maturity. Yesterday, the City Planning Council approved a draft project plan, which had been studied in detail together with the national government and other relevant parties. We will continue to advance urban development to enhance the city’s value in the Nihombashi district, the face of Tokyo, where tradition and innovation intersect.

Promotion of the self-development of the Ogasawara Islands

The Ogasawara Islands are full of distinct appeals such as their abundant marine resources and rich natural environment. Recently, we compiled a preliminary draft of the “Promotion and Development Plan” designed to promote the self-development of the Islands. The draft plan contains measures that should be implemented in a focused manner over the next five years, such as study of feasible flight routes, measures concerning aging facilities, and initiatives for realization of a “zero-emissions island” (Hahajima).” While taking into account the views of Tokyo residents, we aim to finalize the plan in November.


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