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December 3, 2019

Policy speech by the Governor of Tokyo, Koike Yuriko, at the Fourth Regular Session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, 2019.

In opening the fourth regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly in 2019, I wish to relate my basic stance on future metropolitan administration.
Honorable citizen Ms. Ogata Sadako passed away on October 22nd. On October 24th, honorable citizen of Tokyo, Ms. Yachigusa Kaoru, also passed away. I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to their families. May they rest in peace.

1. Strengthen city power in order to protect the lives and assets of the citizens

  • Take effective measures without passing up opportunities
  • Be as prepared as you can
  • Measures against climate change can no longer be delayed

2. Propel “investment in the future” for Tokyo’s maturity and ongoing growth

  • Formulate a vision for long-term strategy and a new vision for metropolitan government reform
  • Tokyo Data Highway is essential to Tokyo’s growth and maturity

3. Increase the value of Tokyo’s proud infrastructure and resources for sustainable growth

  • Road network supporting Tokyo’s growth
  • Vitalization of the wholesale market, the foundation of citizens’ rich lives
  • Broaden the range of unique venues to attract MICE
  • Advance projection mapping to make Tokyo colorful
  • The spread of MaaS for more convenient travel and enhanced added value

4. Tokyo as a mature city where people are connected with each other and everyone can take on challenges

  • Making social firms take root in Tokyo
  • Toward enactment of the Ordinance on Assistance for Crime Victims and Others
  • To continue protecting the lives and health of Tokyo citizens
  • Living a full and comfortable life in the age of “Chōju”
  • Fostering the ability to resolutely live through the digital and global age

5. Unifying our efforts to deliver a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Change of venues for the marathon and race walking events
  • Steadily advance preparations and build momentum for the Games to meet the world’s expectations
  • Measures against traffic congestion and heat

6. Forming a scrum and carving out a bright future

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