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6. Nomination of Tokyo Honorable Citizens

For the title of Tokyo Honorable Citizen, we have selected three candidates this year: Ms. Ishii Motoko, Mr. Takizawa Toshio, and Mr. Yokoo Tadanori.

As a lighting design trailblazer, Ms. Ishii pioneered a new charm by adorning cities and buildings with light, giving hope and energy to people in Japan and overseas.

Mr. Takizawa is a master Edo kiriko, Japanese traditional cut glass, craftsman who has spent many years contributing to this art including energetically passing down the tradition.

Active on a number of fronts as an artist, Mr. Yokoo expresses the unique Japanese sensibilities in his original style, achieving international acclaim.

With the approval of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, we would like to award these three worthy candidates with the title of Honorable Citizen next month. The cooperation of the Assembly would be most appreciated.


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