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7. Make the Tokyo 2020 Games a success to light hope for the future

At the Grand Slam U.S. Open Tennis Championships, three Japanese athletes: Osaka Naomi, Kunieda Shingo, and Kamiji Yui, accomplished brilliant wins. This cheerful news gave us courage and deeply touched us, bringing relief to the tensions we feel daily in our fight against COVID-19.

I extend my sincere respect to each of the athletes who focused on training despite being placed in an environment that differed from what they usually expect.

Measures and mechanisms for safe and secure operations were put in place at the tournament, including having the athletes and other related persons regularly take PCR tests and reducing the number of line judges by using an automated system. This was a competition that was significant in reminding the world of the power of sport even amid the corona pandemic, with this made possible by careful preparations.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will also be an extremely significant Games, where humanity comes together to overcome the “invisible enemy” and become a symbol of our strengthened bonds.

We are making thorough preparations with the national government and Organising Committee to bring about the Games’ success as a festival that lights hope for the future for the athletes who play the leading role, all of the volunteers and children, and for everyone awaiting the Games.

By working together with Prime Minister Suga and Tokyo 2020 President Mori, we will take sound steps down the path to the Games’ success by also taking all measures to deal with COVID-19.

At the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, we will share excitement and inspiration with the people of Tokyo and the rest of Japan. Sharing this expectation with the members of the Assembly, I will put forth my utmost efforts for a future Tokyo that is full of hope. I sincerely request your understanding and support.

Including the matter to which I have already referred, a total of 26 proposals have been presented to this regular session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, including 1 budget and 13 proposed ordinances, to be deliberated among Assembly members.

This concludes my policy address to the Assembly. Thank you.


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