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1. Basic policies

This page is operated by the Policy Section, Coordination Division, Office of the Governor for policy Planning, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG hereafter). Information mainly for the purpose of conveying the attractions of Tokyo will be posted on this page. The Policy Section does not monitor every comment, post, etc. made to this page, and will not reply directly. Please direct all inquiries or comments related to a specific TMG project to the section in charge using the link provided within each post.

2. Intellectual property rights

All content shown on this page (text, images, etc.) is the property of the TMG or the respective owner supplying content. Any reproduction or transfer of content is not permitted. Excludes "reproduction for personal use" and "quotation" of materials recognized under the Copyright Act.

3. Comment and posting policy

The TMG reserves the right to delete comments and posts that all under any of the following categories at any time without notice.

  • a. violate or potentially violate the law or other regulations
  • b. slander an individual or specific group/organization
  • c. aim to promote political or religious activities
  • d. infringe on intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, and portrait rights held by the TMG or a third party
  • e. aim to advertise, promote, recruit members, or related to any other type of sales activities
  • f. discriminate on the basis of race, philosophy, beliefs, etc., or promote discrimination
  • g. violate public order and morals
  • h. contain false and misleading information
  • i. infringe on privacy such as posting persona information without obtaining permission from the individual
  • j. use or provide harmful software/programs, or potentially harmful software/programs
  • k. contain links to other websites that fall under any of the categories listed above
  • l. deemed inappropriate by the Policy Section for reasons other than those listed above

4. Disclaimer

The TMG makes no guarantee with regard to the accuracy, completeness, and usability of information posted on this page. Therefore, the TMG will in no way be held liable for any damage or loss incurred by users/third parties arising from use of any content on this page. The TMG is in no way responsible or liable for any trouble that may occur between users or liable for any damage or loss arising from such trouble. The TMG will not be held responsible for liable for any type of damage or loss that occurs due to any matter related to this page.

5. Change to this policy

This policy outlined on this page may be changed at any tmie without notice.

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