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“Gourmet & Tradition” area (Marunouchi)

Marunouchi Building (atrium MARUCUBE)

  • Foods made from local Tokyo and global ingredients will be showcased at the opening ceremony.
    • Edomae sushi and global sushi
    • Tokyo X1 and Iberian pork dishes
  • During the event, the above menu is scheduled to be provided at cafés adjacent to MARUCUBE.

1Tokyo X: Tokyo-brand pork produced at the Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station by cross-breeding three breeds of pig (Beijing Black, Duroc, Berkshire). This pork is characterized by its soft, marbled meat and juicy flavor.

Last year’s opening ceremony

Marunouchi Naka-dori Street

  • Food trucks will provide food prepared by the Marunouchi Chef’s Club2 using local Tokyo ingredients.
  • Locally brewed Tokyo sake, international beers and other beverages will be sold alongside food prepared by first-class chefs.

2Established in 2009 by the famous chefs of restaurants located mainly in the Marunouchi district to promote Japanese cuisine through food education. The club’s chairman is Yukio Hattori.

Gyoko-dori Street

  • Producers will directly sell fresh and safe fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, and processed products made from fish and others, made in Tokyo.
  • Various traditional handicrafts that have been nurtured by the climate and developed over the history of Tokyo will be exhibited and sold.

“Variety of Nippon” area (Yurakucho)

Tokyo International Forum

  • Various new ways to enjoy Tokyo’s diverse attractions will be provided at Tokyo International Forum, a bustling trend-setting platform connecting Tokyo with the rest of Japan and the world.
  • Local specialties from around Japan, including the Tohoku region and prefectures along the recently-opened extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train, will be introduced and sold.
  • Savor it all—Tokyo’s Tama area “B-class gourmet cuisine” (popular, inexpensive food that is sometimes very local) and global cuisine and alcoholic beverages sold out of food trucks, as well as DJs and live music on a special stage.

“Gourmet & Entertainment” area (Hibiya)

Hibiya Park and in front of Hibiya Chanter

  • The “Tokyo Food Street,” featuring food trucks providing food made from local Tokyo ingredients and farmer’s markets selling fresh local ingredients, will open in Hibiya Park.
  • Entertainment events such as food-themed movie events and parent-child sculpting workshops led by sculptors will be held.
  • The event that was held on Gyoko-dori Street last year exhibiting Tokyo-grown flowers is scheduled to be held this year in Hibiya Park, with the flowers distributed on the final day.

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