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Updated on October 14, 2015

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Memorandum of Understanding between Greater London Authority (GLA) and Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)

The GLA which is the statutory corporation body of London, capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and TMG which is the administrative body of Tokyo, capital of Japan, endeavor to strengthen the relationship between the two cities creatively and practically based on the spirit of the Joint Declaration, have agreed to engage in exchange and cooperation in the following areas of mutual interest:

  • (1) Urban development;
  • (2) Environment;
  • (3) Cultural Exchange;
  • (4) Transport;
  • (5) Tourism; and
  • (6) Hosting major sporting events

Both parties designate International Affairs Division, Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, at TMG, and the International Relations team at GLA, as the departments responsible for facilitating execution and delivery of this memorandum.

Both parties shall conduct regular visits and exchanges to strengthen further our friendly and co-operative relationship that exists between the two cities.

Both parties shall exchange information on the areas listed above as applicable.

The Memorandum is not a legally binding document. Both parties will arrange by mutual agreement the timings for the review of the Memorandum, and agree that in the case of any disagreement, this shall be settled amicably through consultation or negotiation between the GLA and TMG.

This Memorandum has been made in duplicate in English and Japanese, both equally authentic. Both cities shall hold one copy of each text.

Signed in Tokyo on 14 October 2015

Governor of Tokyo
Yoichi Masuzoe

Mayor of London
Boris Johnson