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Updated on November 12, 2015

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Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Local Attractions Discovery Project Anime and Manga Exhibitions to Be Held in Musashino and Mitaka Cities

Exhibitions featuring anime and manga works will be held in Musashino and Mitaka cities. This is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Local Attractions Discovery Project, through which the TMG invites ideas to promote tourism by harnessing the many unsung local attractions that can be found around Tokyo.

1. Overview (Free of Charge)

Exhibitions will feature original drawings, storyboards, scripts, and other related materials from the collections of animation studios in Musashino and Mitaka cities.

2. Date

From Friday, November 13 to Sunday, November 22

3. Exhibitions

Each venue will display materials related to particular manga or anime (series or film) as shown below: *subject to change

(1) Musashino venue “Sora Zenon”

“Fist of the North Star,” “City-Hunter,” “GATCHAMAN (Battle of Planets)”

(2) Musashisakai venue “Picos”

*only on Nov. 14, 15, 21, 22

“Joshiraku (Rakugo Girls)”

(3) Mitaka venue “Cafe Hi famiglia”

“Wish Upon the Pleiades,” “MACH GO GO GO (Speed Racer)”

*Videos will also be shown at the Mitaka venue

“MACH GO GO GO (Speed Racer)”

“GATCHAMAN (Battle of Planets)”


(c)Tsukasa Hojo/NSP 1985

“Fist of the North Star”
(c)Buronson & Tetsuo Hara/NSP 1983


“Joshiraku (Rakugo Girls)”
(c)Koji Kumeta, Yasu, Kodansha/ Joshi Rakugo Kyokai

“Wish Upon the Pleiades”
(c)GAINAX/Wish Upon the Pleiades Seisaku Iinkai

4. How to Participate

  • (1) Visit the Musashino City Tourism Organization or the Mitaka City Tourism Association to obtain a free event map.
  • (2) Use the map to make your way around the various animation-related attractions in Musashino and Mitaka cities.
  • (3) Go to the exhibition venues and immerse yourself in the animation-related items on display.

*The exhibitions are primarily in English.

5. Special Offer

The first 50 participants to complete a questionnaire will have the chance to try making their own mouse pad featuring anime characters.
*For locations and other details, please see the program’s website at External link )

A project based on the Long-Term Vision for Tokyo

This project is associated with the following urban strategy and policy approach outlined in the Long- Term Vision for Tokyo.

  • Urban strategy 3: Omotenashi
    • Policy approach 7: Warmly welcome international visitors

Contact Information Inquiries

(General inquiries about the program)
Promotion Section, Tourism Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
 (Please change (at) to @ when sending an email.)

(Inquiries about participation)
JTB Corporate Sales Inc. (Contractor for this program)
Corporate Marketing Nishitokyo Branch