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Updated on April 5, 2016

Bureau of Urban Development, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Announcing the Urban White Paper CITY VIEW TOKYO

We are pleased to announce the completion of CITY VIEW TOKYO, a white paper summarizing current initiatives and issues for Tokyo’s urban development.

Main features

CITY VIEW TOKYO showcases today’s Tokyo through various windows, including urban functions, industry and commerce, culture, environment, everyday life, and ranking among the world’s cities. Along with specialists in urban development, we have included the viewpoints of a wide range of people from musicians to farmers, helping you to gain deeper knowledge of Tokyo.

As aids to furthering your understanding, we have provided maps, photos and graphs, and employed visual devices such as superimposing modern maps on those of old Edo.

Printed editions are scheduled to be available in June 2016.
A separate announcement will be made when the printed edition goes on sale.

For further information about the Urban White Paper

Regional Coordination Section, Urban Development Policy Division, Bureau of Urban Development

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