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Updated on August 14, 2017

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo Metropolitan Government selected the Foreign Companies which participate in the Accelerator Program ‘FinTech Business Camp Tokyo’

Aiming to reclaim the title of Asia’s number one global financial center, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is working with the national government, private sector, etc. to revitalize Tokyo’s financial sector.
As a part of this effort, the TMG will newly start the Accelerator Program ‘FinTech Business Camp Tokyo’ (‘the Program’) this year and we were calling for foreign companies participate in this program from 15th June to 14th July.
We received application from 52 companies located in 16 countries and we selected the participating foreign companies (8 companies) as follows;

Details of the selected foreign companies (in alphabetical order)

Company Name Country/Region Details of Service

Autonomous_ID Canada Inc.


Provides service which contributes to people’s health and safety by utilizing AI to analyze data collected from wearable devices.

BCL Technologies


Provides service which automatically digitalizes financial information, etc., from PDF, HTML, and other formats in near real time, providing news based on analyses of the digitalized information.

Clare.AI Limited

Hong Kong

Provides chatbot service for financial institutions which answers customer questions about services and clients’ financial management, etc.



Provides software which utilizes AI to analyze data from banks’ customer transactions (e.g. credit information, etc.) and proposes financial services suitable for each customer.



Provides online financial education for children by utilizing an online character (panda) feeding game, through which children can learn from an early age how to save money and how to safely use online banking.

Playbasis Private Limited


Provides platform which contributes to increasing customer loyalty and converting over the counter services to online services by incorporating a gaming system into online banking systems.



Provides service which utilizes various big data and AI to predict and analyze economic matters (e.g. economic growth rates, stock prices, etc.), and proposes investment products based on these prediction results.

Shift Technology


Provides service to help insurance companies recognize cases of fraud by utilizing AI to automate the insurance fraud detection process.


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