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Updated on January 30, 2018

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Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

A festival of celebration and enjoyment with Tokyo's citizens

The "Old meets New: Tokyo 150 Years" program

Graphic of the logo mark

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the renaming of Edo to Tokyo and the establishment of the Tokyo Government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will implement the "Old meets New: Tokyo 150 Years" program.
Along with holding commemorative events and related PR projects, this will be a diverse program linked with existing programs and events of the TMG bureaus and Tokyo municipalities.

1 Goals

To celebrate this milestone with Tokyo's citizens and build attachment to Tokyo and a sense of unity ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games through a rediscovery and recognition of the strengths and charms of Tokyo as a city, such as the tradition, history, culture, and skill that have been amassed from Edo to modern times to the present. Tokyo 150 Years will also serve as an opportunity to focus on the Tokyo 2020 Games and beyond.

2 Period

April to December 2018
* Some related events may be held outside of the above period.

3 Logo

For Tokyo citizens to rediscover the attractiveness of a Tokyo where tradition and innovation co-exist, the project logo was designed under the same concept as the Tokyo Tokyo logo for a uniform look.
* PDF of the logo.(PDF:24KB)

4 About the program (planned)

(1)PR using posters and others

Tokyo Station, which has a notable presence as the entrance to Tokyo, was used in the main graphic. The graphic depicts the power of and expectations toward a Tokyo, which has continued to create new eras. It will be used on the official website and in other places.
Other posters showing the 150 years of Tokyo's history and culture will also be prepared and used for a broad variety of events and projects.
* Launch of the official website and distribution of posters are scheduled to start from April 2018.
* PDF of the main graphic.(PDF:87KB)

(2)Commemorative event: "Tokyo 150 Festival" (tentative name)

  • Period
    Fall 2018
  • Location
    Hamarikyu Gardens
  • Content
    Leveraging the Hamarikyu Gardens' distinctive location, we will screen colorful projection mapping that expresses Old meets New. A variety of content using the latest technology is also planned to allow visitors to enjoy experiencing the culture and appeal of Tokyo's 150 years.

Photo spot at the 300-year-old pine tree
Artist's conception: Photo spot at the 300-year-old pine tree.

(3)Other projects

  1. Special exhibits
    Special exhibits looking back on Tokyo's 150 years will be held at the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Archives, Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library and other locations.
  2. Tokyo 150 Years Commemorative Art Contest
    An art contest will be held for elementary school students, with "Tokyo, 100 Years Later" as its theme.
  3. The return of "Kappa pins"
    Kappa pins may be familiar to those who grew up in Tokyo around the 60s. At the time, the pins were popular items that allowed free admission to TMG-owned facilities on Tokyo Citizens' Day (October 1). Events that would stir up interest are under study to foster a sense of festivity around Tokyo 150 Years. A myriad of initiatives will also be rolled out in cooperation with local municipalities, private organizations, and others.


Kappa pins

Ever since the Grand Tokyo Festival was held in 1956, kappa pins had been sold at various shops, including lotto stands, prior to Tokyo Citizens' Day (October 1).

This initiative is a part of the Host City Tokyo Project

"Category: Disseminating Tokyo's Attractiveness
Project name: Developing and Disseminating Attractive Tourism Resources"


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