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Updated on March 28, 2018

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Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

The English Guide to Restaurants Using Locally Sourced Ingredients Now Available!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), in order to promote local food production and consumption, has officially registered select restaurant locations as “Tokyo’s Locavore Restaurants“ and “Locavore Dining in the Tokyo Islands” (herein referred to as “registered restaurants”). These venues actively utilize farm and marine products cultivated in Tokyo. TMG has published a guidebook to further promote these establishments.
TMG is pleased to announce that, in order to inform international visitors of these appealing local Tokyo foods, TMG has created an English guidebook of some of these registered restaurants. When you have the chance, make sure to try a dish that uses Tokyo’s locally produced ingredients.

1 Outline

  • An introduction to 223 shops with English menus selected from registered “Tokyo’s Locavore Restaurants” and “Locavore Dining in the Tokyo Island”
  • Includes lists of local ingredients used, along with prices for featured dishes

<Featured Information>

 *Restaurant names, locations, access maps (Tokyo Island area maps utilize a QR code), telephone numbers, featured menu items, prices, ingredients, etc.

<Examples of Featured Dishes>

Photo of Nigiri Sushi Photo of Tempura Soba
Nigiri Sushi Tempura Soba


Photo of Tokyo Shamo Chicken Oyakodon
Tokyo Shamo Chicken Oyakodon


2 Distribution Locations

Distributed freely at Tokyo Tourist Information Centers (TMG Building, Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, Haneda Airport、Keisei Ueno Station, Ecute Tachikawa), Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal, Chofu Airport, tourist guide centers in Tokyo Islands, etc.

3 Prints

25,000 copies

4 Website

The guidebook is also available on the web site below.


Bureau Industrial and Labor Affairs, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Division, Food Safety Section

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