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15th, May 2018
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Invest Tokyo Seminar in CEBIT 2018

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has been actively working to attract foreign companies which possess advanced technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, to raise international competitiveness and bring about further growth for the city by promoting the creation of a more business-friendly environment for overseas businesses.
The TMG is pleased to announce that it will participate the CEBIT 2018,the largest digital-business exhibition in the world and hold the seminar at the event. This event will bring together business people interested in seeking opportunities in Japan.

(1) Name of the event

Invest Tokyo Seminar in CEBIT 2018

(2) Date and Time

Tuesday, 12th June, 2018
1st session: 3:30p.m. -4:30p.m.
2nd session: 4:30p.m.-5:40p.m.
*1st and 2nd sessions are the same programme.

(3) Venue

Room 3A, Messe Hannover, Germany

(4) Participants

Technology company visiting CEBIT 2018 and local companies interested in investing Tokyo (around 50 people per session)

(5) Language


(6) Participation Fee


(7) Press

All programme will be opened

(8) Programme

  • Attraction initiatives and support programmes in Tokyo
  • Industry 4.0-related market information for Japan and Tokyo
  • Utilizing TMG’s support programme

(9) How to apply

Kindly send e-mail to the address below with the following information;
1 Participant name 2 Company ame 3 Company address 4 Department 5 Job title 6 Type of industry 7 Company website link 8 phone number 9 Participant e-mail address


National Strategic Special Zone Team
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning