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June 14, 2018
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

“Tokyo Kurashi WEB” Consumer Affairs Consulting Service Website Updated with FAQ in English, Chinese and Korean!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announces the renewed FAQ section of the “Tokyo Kurashi (Living) WEB” consumer affairs consulting service website, available in English, Chinese and Korean.

The Tokyo Kurashi WEB homepage, along with this FAQ, offers support to mid- and long-term international visitors and residents of Japan - a demographic expected to rise in the coming years - in resolving consumer issues.

1. About the Tokyo Kurashi WEB foreign language pages

The Tokyo Kurashi WEB foreign language landing pages feature access to the Tokyo Metropolitan Comprehensive Consumer Center’s consultation services and useful links for consumers. Now, visitors will enjoy an improved user experience with additional information provided in the new FAQ section.

2. About the FAQ Section

The FAQ section will feature a list of 50 topics on common consumer issues that international visitors and residents in Tokyo may experience. Categories include, “Apartments,” “Dry Cleaning,” and “Mobile phones,” among others. Users can find topics with the keyword search feature or through the topics overview.

FAQ Sample (Summary)

Q: After signing a lease contract for an apartment, I have changed my mind. Will the money already paid be returned?
A: Cancellation of a contract after completion cannot be effectuated in a unilateral way. Therefore, the money cannot be refunded in full. However, when the contract contains a provision that permits a midterm cancellation made by the tenant, the tenant can effectuate cancellation by requesting it to the lender and paying the rent for the period as the penalty.

Q: I sent a few pieces of clothing to a home-delivery laundry shop, but one of them has not been returned. I want compensation for it.
A: If the laundry shop lost it and cannot find it out, you can ask for compensation. The claimable amount of the shirt is assessed based on the value at the time of accident (current value). It is not the purchase price.

*Advice given in the actual FAQ section is more detailed than the above samples.

3. Accessing the FAQ Section

Select the language tab near the top of the Tokyo Kurashi WEB page and click the “Consumer Affairs Consulting Service FAQs” banner on the selected language’s top page. If accessing from a smartphone, choose your desired language from the menu page.

For more details, please refer to the attached document(PDF:860KB) and the following link:


Planning and Coordination Section, Consumer Affairs Division,
Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs

Phone:+81-3-5388-3076 (Assistance available in Japanese only)