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June 18, 2018
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Guide introducing Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi services and sample courses now available

Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi services enable tourists to comfortably enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo with peace of mind. Operated by knowledgeable drivers, who provide high-quality service, the taxis also offer tourists more flexibility with regard to schedule and tour content. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is working to promote awareness of Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi services with the aim to improve overseas tourist satisfaction. In conjunction with these efforts, the TMG is pleased to announce that it has produced a pamphlet introducing Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi services and basic sample courses for visitors, including overseas tourists.

1. Overview of Tokyo Sightseeing Taxis

Tokyo Sightseeing Taxis are chartered taxis, which pick up customers at their hotel or other designated location and take them to popular Tokyo tourist destinations of their choosing. The driver of the taxi also serves as a guide throughout the time the taxi is reserved. Tokyo Sightseeing Taxi Certified Drivers have obtained guide service certification at a specified level.

2. Pamphlet contents

The pamphlet contains ten sample courses/itineraries that include popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo, which can be completed in three to eight hours depending on the customer’s wishes.

3. Printing and distribution

English edition: 8,000 copies
Japanese edition: 8,000 copies
Distributed at: Tokyo Tourist Information Centers, hotels and lodging facilities, tourist facilities, commercial facilities, etc.

The guide is also available on the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs website

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Dimensions: 210mm x 130mm Number of pages: 28 (includes front and back cover)


This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.
Smart City: “An international city and tourist destination open to the world”


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