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August 17, 2018
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Tokyo Metropolitan Government selected the Foreign Companies which participate in the Accelerator Program FinTech Business Camp Tokyo

Aiming to reclaim the title of Asia's number one global financial center, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is working with the national government, private sector, etc. to revitalize Tokyo's financial sector.

As a part of this effort, the TMG had launched the Accelerator Program FinTech Business Camp Tokyo (the Program) last year and called for foreign companies participate in this program from May 21 to July 13 this year too.

We received application from 77 companies located in 22 countries/regions and selected the participating companies (11 companies) as follows;

List of participants and their businesses (alphabetical order)

Company Country / Region Mainstay business
Boseman UK Provides a next generation algorithm-driven robo-adviser powered by AI to automatically save and invest money.
ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION S.L. Spain Contributes to increasing security levels by utilizing AI-powered video analysis to accurately identify individuals in real time.
Fedo Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd India Provides a system which uses data on the individual behavioral patterns and demographics of 30 million people to analyze the risks of lifestyle diseases and death and calculate a health score.
Graphen, Inc. US Provides a service which enables stricter monitoring of banking operations and more accurate prediction of non-performing loans (NPLs) through use of AI platforms built to simulate brain functions.
LALA World Pte. Ltd. Singapore Provides one-stop services for money transfers, payments, loans, etc., with blockchain-based electronic personal verification and credit investigations utilizing AI and machine learning.
NoPassword US Provides personal verification software that can be used securely without a password, instead utilizing a combination of the smartphone user’s biometrics (such as facial features, voice, fingerprint, and iris), the location data of the device, and the user’s action history.
Pikcio AG Switzerland Provides an app that works as a personal assistant to collect the user’s personal data from social media and websites and store it with blockchain, supporting users’ day-to-day living and use of financial services.
SESAMm France Provides a service which collects and analyzes millions of consumer reviews and information (e.g. blogs) published by financial experts and influencers, compiling it as big data to predict trends among financial instruments, etc.
SQREEM Technologies Singapore Provides a service which prevents illegal funding and money laundering, as well as provides market analyses, etc., by predicting and analyzing behavioral patterns based on the data of 3 billion consumers.
Tone Tag India Provides a hardware agnostic platform that uses sound wave communication for easy and secure contactless payments, even when no Internet connection is available.
Waagu, Inc. US Provides a system which enables immediate online chat and file sharing with no need to download and install a particular app.

* Please see the attachment(PDF:261KB) for information on the program.

The Action Plan for 2020
This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020”
“Smart City” Key Policy 4: A global financial and economic center


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