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August 17, 2018
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Tokyo Metropolitan Government selected the Foreign Companies which participate in the Accelerator Program Tech Business Camp Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is working to attract foreign businesses that possess advanced technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, and to promote transfers of ground-breaking foreign technology and know-how to Japanese companies in order to raise Tokyo’s international competitiveness and bring further growth.

As a part of this effort, the TMG had launched the Accelerator Program ‘Tech Business Camp Tokyo’ last year, and call for foreign companies to participate in this program from May 21 to July 13 this year.

As a result we received application from 85 companies located in 26 countries/regions and selected the participating companies (13 companies) as follows;

List of participants and their businesses (alphabetical order)

Company Country / Region Mainstay business
Botelz Singapore Utilizes AI bots to recommend hotels, restaurants and sightseeing spots to travelers based on their preferences. Supports travelers throughout their trip, such offering a guide to their hotel’s facilities after check-in.
GROM Hong Kong Provides a system that serves as a healthtech platform for clinicians, simplifying the manufacturing process for foot orthotics.
Hear & Know France Utilizes AI-powered smart shoes to analyze the behavior of Alzheimer’s patients. By anticipating accidents and injuries in advance, contributes to reducing the burden on caregivers.
Heartbeat AI Technologies Canada Artificial intelligence which reads information from customer feedback and conversations with call center operators to give a real-time analysis of what emotions led to a customer’s actions.
ICM Hub US Offers AI-driven chat bots to handle inquiries and flight reservations for airlines, etc. By automating inquiries and flight reservations, contributes to resolving labor shortage and language barrier issues.
Intelitaap Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India Using proprietary sensors, enables retailers to see how many customers have visited or passed by their stores. By linking this with data from when a customer makes a purchase, retailers can optimize product arrangement and make other real-time improvements to their shops.
InForIntelligence Netherlands Offers an AI-driven platform that uses companies’ innovation strategies as a basis in searching for and facilitating matchups with companies and academic research organizations that could be potential partners.
Motionloft US Utilizes sensors to capture the movements of people and vehicles, analyzing their behavior and providing results in real time. Used in improving the layout of commercial facilities and preventing traffic congestion, etc.
One Smart lab US Identifies and analyzes video and images captured by standard surveillance cameras, etc. Offered as a facial recognition solution for preventing identity theft.
Situm Indoor Positioning Spain Offers a high precision, sensor-based indoor navigation service. Contributes to providing visitors at large events with automated guidance and preventing crowds forming at reception desks.
TACIT US Developed application that improves worker productivity by linking industrial wearables with multiple devices and utilizing AI-based data analyses to simplify and visualize tasks.
Taiger Singapore Utilizes AI to accurately and rapidly read, interpret, and analyze a company’s various data. Contributes to improved labor productivity by making operations more efficient and reducing costs and human error.
Weiwojiangxin Technology Co., Ltd China Detects customer movements and what products they have picked up, analyzing product data in real time and displaying analyses on a monitor. By linking with smartphones, can also handle payments.

* Please see the attachment(PDF:261KB) for information on the program.

The Action Plan for 2020
This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020”
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