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August 22, 2018
Bureau of Construction

Free Wi-Fi services now available at 4 more locations in metropolitan parks

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is introducing free Wi-Fi services (FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO) at its parks to enhance convenience for foreign visitors and park users. The service, which allows internet connection at various metropolitan facilities with just one registration, has now been expanded to include three additional spots in the Ueno Zoological Gardens and another spot in the Hama-rikyu Gardens.

New Services Overview

Start date

Sunday, July 1, 2018

New service spots

See Attachment 1(PDF:13KB)



Service provider

NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.

How to use

Register your email address or SNS account


Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), and Korean

Other information

  1. Area sign (service mark)
    The following area sign is exhibited at facilities covered by this service.

An image of the area sign sticker

  1. Within two weeks from registering for FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO at any of the metropolitan facilities where the service is available, users can access the internet without registering again.
    *For metropolitan facilities covered by the service (210 facilities as of the end of June 2018), please visit: (External link)
    *The 50 metropolitan parks already covered by the service and their 54 service spots are listed in Attachment 2(PDF:21KB).

Features of FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO

One registration procedure to use multiple Wi-Fi services

(1)Without an app

Users can access the following partner Wi-Fi services without registering again.

【Partner Wi-Fi services】 *as of the end of May 2018

  • Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
    <SSID: Metro_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • TMG Bureau of Transportation (subway and bus)
    <SSID: Toei_Subway_Free_Wi-Fi, Toei_Bus_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Tokyo International Forum
    <SSID: JAPAN-FREE-Wi-Fi (Of this SSID’s services, only service within the Tokyo International Forum is covered)>
  • Shinjuku-ku (areas around Shinjuku Station and other locations)
    <SSID: Shinjuku_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Taito-ku (on the Megurin bus, and at some of the tourist information boards in the Ueno district)
    <SSID: Taito_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Tokyo National Museum (Honkan and Hyokeikan buildings)
    <SSID: TNM_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Minato-ku (Main Office, Regional City Offices, and Odaiba area)
    <SSID: Minato_City_Wi-Fi>
  • Chuo-ku (Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center)
    <SSID: Chuo_City_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Katsushika-ku (Shibamata, Kameari, Shin-koiwa areas)
    <SSID: Katsushika_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Setagaya-ku (Main facilities in Setagaya-ku and other locations)
    <SSID: Setagaya_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Chiyoda-ku (Main facilities owned by Chiyoda-ku, station entrances and exits and surrounding areas, sightseeing spots, designated evacuation areas during disasters, etc.)
    <SSID: CHIYODA_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Koto-ku (Main public facilities in Koto-ku, evacuation areas (elementary and junior high schools), museums, etc.)
    <SSID: Koto_City_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Nakano-ku (Main areas in Nakano-ku)
    <SSID: Tokyo_Nakano_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Nerima-ku (Main public facilities in Nerima-ku and other locations)
    <SSID: Nerima_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company (Tsukuba Express)
    <SSID: TX_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • Bunkyo-ku (cultural and tourist facilities established by Bunkyo-ku, shops in the ward, and Community Bus (B-guru))
    <SSID: Bunkyo_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • National Museum of Nature and Science
    <SSID: Kahaku_Free_Wi-Fi>
  • National Museum of Western Art
    <SSID: NMWA_Free_Wi-Fi>

(2)With an app

Users can access the internet at a broad range of hot spots by downloading and using the “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” app operated by the service provider.

【Main service spots】
Key transportation and commercial facilities including convenience stores.
For details, please see the website of Japan Connected-free Wi-fi at: (External link)

In the event of a disaster

The service may be used without registration. After connection, the TMG’s Disaster Prevention Information website will be displayed.

This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.”
Smart City: “An international city and tourist destination open to the world”


Park Management Section, Park Division, Bureau of Construction
Phone: 03-5320-5325 (Assistance available in Japanese only)