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September 14, 2018
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Tokyo Financial Award:
TMG Is Now Accepting Financial Institution Candidate Submissions!

AS one project included in the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” Vision announced in November, 2017, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is carrying out the new Tokyo Financial Award to recognize financial institutions developing and providing products and services that meet Tokyo citizens’ needs and challenges, as well as those who are contributing to the spread of ESG investment.

Based on the opinions shared from Tokyo citizens on daily financial services and ESG investments gathered, the below themes for the Tokyo Financial Award were selected.

From today, TMG is accepting financial institution candidates for the “Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs” and “ESG Investment” categories.

* ESG (“Environment, Social, Governance”) refers to investment decisions based on an institution’s proactive efforts in combating global warming, empowering women, selecting outside directors, etc.

1 Themes and Candidates

In the “Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs” category, themes have been set for each field, and financial institution candidates are being sought based on their proposed solutions. In the “ESG Investment” category, financial institution candidates are being sought to actively disseminate ESG investment, in the fields citizens were most interested in.
Please see Tokyo Financial Award website for details.

Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs
ESG Investment
Ranking of fields Tokyo citizens are deeply concerned about

Deposits and Withdrawals
Complexity of in-store procedures such as ID verification

Wide availability of cashless payment methods

Asset Management
Investment education for inexperienced customers

Advice from impartial parties

Simplification of procedures and review processes

1st:Climate change (E)
Global warming, abnormal weather, creating sustainable environment, CO2 emissions

2nd:Human capital (S)
Labor management, female empowerment, promotion of diversity, development of human resource capital

3rd:Natural resources (E)
Environmental destruction, water resources, land use, biodiversity, resource utilization


2 Selection Details

Category Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs ESG Investment
Eligible institutions Domestic and international financial institutions that offer solutions to citizens’ needs and who are offering services in, or plan to offer services in, Tokyo. Domestic and international financial institutions engaging in ESG investment activities in line with citizens’ needs or challenges.
Application period Friday, September 14 - Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Friday, September 14 - Monday, November 26, 2018
# to be selected 3 institutions About 3 institutions
Rewards ・Prize money
(From first place: 10 million yen, 5 million yen, 3 million yen)
・Support program
(Mentorship program, business matching, provision of development environment etc. )
How to Apply

Please visit the Tokyo Financial Award website to apply:
*Please see application guidelines for details


3 Schedule

Figure of Schedule



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Tokyo Metropolitan Government