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March 29, 2019
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

The 2019 Publication of the English-language guidebook on restaurants using Tokyo-produced ingredients

With the aim to promote local production for local consumption, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has registered restaurants that actively use agricultural and marine products produced in Tokyo as “Tokyo’s Locavore Restaurants” and “Locavore Dining in the Tokyo Islands” (hereinafter called “Registered Restaurant”) and has been extensively advertising them through publishing the guidebook, etc.

This is to announce the publication of the English-language guidebook (2 separate volumes) to introduce the Registered Restaurants that can offer services in foreign language (English).

We wish you enjoy dishes using Tokyo-produced ingredients.

Outline of English-language guidebook

  • The guidebook introduces the restaurants among the Registered Restaurants where an English menu list is available.
    (222 restaurants of Tokyo’s Locavore Restaurants (in the 23 wards and the Tama area) and 62 restaurants of Locavore Dining in the Tokyo Islands (Tokyo Islands area)
  • The guidebook includes each restaurant’s signature dishes, price range, and ingredients used.

* The guidebook is presented in two volumes. For the image (example) of each volume, see the attached sheet.

Examples of dishes introduced

Picture of dishes 1

Hachijojima traditional island sushi

Picture of dishes 2

Edo Eco Koraku-ju

Picture of dishes 3

Edo Negima Hot-pot

Place of distribution

Available for free at Tokyo Tourist Information Center (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku), Haneda Airport, Keisei Ueno Station, Ecute Tachikawa), Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal, Chofu Airport, tourist information centers in the Tokyo Islands area, etc.

Number of copies printed

  • “Guide to Tokyo’s Locavore Restaurants” (23 wards and the Tama area)
    English version 25,000 copies
  • “Locavore Dining in the Tokyo Islands” guidebook (Tokyo Islands area)
    English version 25,000 copies


The guidebook is also available from the following website:


Inquiries (Assistance in Japanese only)

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