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May 31, 2019
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza Expo 2019
A gathering of Japan’s leading artisans in Tokyo!

Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza Expo 2019 will be held in July at the TOC Exhibition Hall in Gotanda, featuring traditional craftsmanship, which has played an important part in the development of Japan, and showcasing the wonders of cutting-edge manufacturing technology. This year marks the fourth time for this event to be held. Visitors can again this year enjoy a total experience through demonstrations and hands-on programs featuring excellent craftsmanship in the fields of “i (clothing),” “shoku (food),” “ju (building),” and “kou (manufacturing).”
* Please note that this year’s venue and dates have changed from that of last year.


Dates and times

From Thursday, July 25 to Saturday, July 27, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. * The event ends at 5:00 p.m. on July 27.


TOC Exhibition Hall, 13th floor (Grand Hall, Special Hall, and others)
Address: 7-22-17 Nishi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


  • Demonstrations, activities, and displays will be held to introduce the skills of craftsmen, traditional crafts, and cutting-edge manufacturing technology from all around Japan.
  • Fine works will be brought from around Japan for showcase and sale.

Photograph from a past Expo1

Sheet metal works display

Hallmark of the event

At this event, visitors can not only observe the work of artisans but also participate in the following kinds of hands-on activities.
Sewing, wall plastering, wall papering, tile art, karakuri-byobu folding screen, kumiko woodwork, seal carving, mud ball, and a lot more!
* Featured activities may change.

Photograph from a past Expo2

Wall plastering

Photograph from a past Expo3

Kumiko woodwork demo

* The event’s website is scheduled to start taking reservations for hands-on activities around June. Please visit: link)

Image of a QR code

* Event details

Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza Expo 2019 is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s ALL JAPAN & TOKYO Project, in which the TMG, in cooperation with other regions of Japan, leverages the strengths of “all Japan” to raise the profile of various industries from around the country.

This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.”
Smart City: “A global financial and economic center”

Inquiries (inquiries accepted in Japanese only)

(regarding the overall event)
Skills Development Section, Employment Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
Tel: 03-5320-4715
(regarding ALL JAPAN & TOKYO Project)
Planning and Budget Section, General Affairs Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
Tel: 03-5320-4685

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