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August 9, 2019
Office for Strategic Policy and ICT promotion

Tokyo Metropolitan Government has selected the foreign companies which will participate in the Accelerator Program FinTech Business Camp Tokyo

With the aim of making Tokyo an unrivalled global financial center, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is working with the national government, private sector, etc. to revitalize Tokyo's financial sector.

As a part of this effort, the TMG launched the Accelerator Program “FinTech Business Camp Tokyo” (the Program) and called for foreign companies to participate in the program from May 13 to July 5 this year.

We received applications from 121 companies located in 29 countries/regions and selected the following 12 companies as participants:

List of participants and their businesses (alphabetical order)

Company Country / Region Principal business
Amplyfi United Kingdom Amplyfi performs corporate risk assessment, competitive analysis, M&A due diligence, etc. by using AI to identify, collect and analyze millions of relevant piece of information automatically.
BitOfProperty Estonia BitOfProperty provides a blockchain platform that connects real-estate owners and investors worldwide to allow small-scale investments in properties.
CalPac Capital Pte Ltd Singapore CalPac Capital Pte Ltd digitizes large-scale assets such as ships, mines and power stations to reduce investment difficulties and support asset management with high security using blockchain.
D-Risk Technology Pte. Ltd. Singapore D-Risk Technology Pte Ltd. provides credit ratings and reports by conducting performance forecasting, using machine learning AI based on big data, to investors and financial institutions in order to make investment and loan decision-making cheaper, faster and easier.
Hearti Lab Pte Ltd Singapore Hearti Lab Pte Ltd offers a microinsurance (low cost insurance) platform with efficient fraud detection, reduced time to market, and low cost of implementation, using AI and blockchain.
IntelSoft Technologies Ukraine IntelSoft Technologies provides software that automates the construction of all data analysis models required for management, such as market risk, customer behavior, and corporate strategy.
KASKO United Kingdom KASKO provides a platform where insurance companies can test and develop insurance products online within a short period (4-6 weeks) and sell insurance products in collaboration with business operators (used car sales, retail, etc.)
Kuan Inc. United Kingdom Kuan Inc. provides safer and cheaper payment solutions through an international payment system for SMEs by utilizing AI and blockchain.
Mellow Hong Kong Mellow provides a financial education application (with a debit card) that allows children to set goals and earn money by carrying out “tasks,” while parents can manage their spending in real time.
Pecutus Technologies Limited Hong Kong Pecutus Technologies Limited provides services utilizing travelers’ leftover sums in local currencies, such as virtual currency and other currency conversion, and a currency exchange that supports FX, making full use of money that will not be usable after travel.
SAPIENS INTELLIGENCE CORPORATION LIMITED Hong Kong SAPIENS INTELLIGENCE CORPORATION LIMITED helps financial institutions to provide products that meet user needs by analyzing characteristics and interest areas from SNS, photos, and chat histories.
Suburbia Netherlands Suburbia processes and analyzes millions of pieces of raw and non-structured (POS information, etc.) data purchased from companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to support investment and business decision making.

* Please see the attachment(PDF:163KB) for information on the program.

The Action Plan for 2020
This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020”
“Smart City” Key Policy 4:
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