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September 27, 2019
Bureau of Transportation

Alphabet Is Added to the Kanji Part of the Route Number to Make It Easy for Foreign Customers to understand
On Tuesday, October 1, Toei Bus Introduced a Trial Run of“Route Numbering” on Some Routes

Image of Route Numbering

Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation announces that it will introduce a “Route Numbering” system on the bus destination indicators and bus stops on a trial basis in order to make it easier for foreign customers to use Toei Bus.
After the trial, we will solicit feedback from the customers who use it, verify its effects, and consider future expansion.


1.Trial start date

From Tuesday, October 1, 2019

2.Trial Route (the traditional route number (kanji + number) will not be changed)

  1. 都-01 Route (writing both “T” and “都”)
  2. 都-08 Route (writing both “T” and ”都”)

3.Trial medium (sequential introduction after start)

Destination indicator, bus stop, digital signage for the Toei Bus information, Toei Bus operation information services (, etc.

“The Action Plan for 2020” Project
This project is related to “The Action Plan for 2020.
Diversity: Policy No. 6 - “Creating a Tokyo where people show kindness and warmth and everyone can lead vibrant life and active in the society.


Toei Transportation Customer Center (Japanese/English)
Phone: 03-3816-5711 (9:00-20:00, seven days a week, all year round)


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