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September 27, 2019
Bureau of Transportation

Introduction of Multilingual Services Using “Omotenashi Guide” on Toei Subway Lines
We provide safety and security to foreign visitors and hearing-impaired customers

The Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has started to provide station information in multiple languages easily on your smartphone, etc. without connecting to the Internet by using “Omotenashi Guide” near the 26 ticket gates in 11 stations nearest to the Tokyo 2020 Games venues, so that foreign visitors to Japan and people with hearing impairments can use Toei Transportation with greater peace of mind.


1. Location

The multi-language information is available near 26 ticket gates of the following 11 Toei Subway stations:

  • Asakusa Station, Daimon Station, Mita Station, and Sengakuji Station on the Asakusa Line
  • Hibiya Station on the Mita Line
  • Kudanshita Station of the Shinjuku Line
  • Hikarigaoka Station, Shinjuku Station, Kokuritsu-kyogijo Station, Aoyama -itchome Station and Ryogoku Station on the Oedo Line

2. Seven languages

Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Thai, French, Spanish

3. Time of Introduction

Scheduled at the end of this year

4. How to use the application

  1. App Store or Google Play
    Download “Omotenashi Guide” from the store.
  2. Activate the application near the station ticket gate.
  3. Station information will be displayed on your  smartphone screen in the language you select.

Image of the application 1

Image of the application 2

Information is transmitted by Bluetooth signal, So, turn on Bluetooth of your smartphone.

Image of the application 3

* The above is an image of services.

[Reference] About Omotenashi Guide

Omotenashi Guide is the “Sound Universal Design Support System” (SoundUD) developed by Yamaha Corporation. Character information translated into multiple languages can be checked on smartphones, etc. at the corresponding locations of the “Omotenashi Guide”.

  • App name
  • Supported environment
    supports iOS 8.0 and up / Android 4.4 and up
  • Price
    free of charge (but, communication charges for downloading applications, etc. will be borne by the customer.)
  • Omotenashi Guide official website(External link)

*This project is a collaboration of 15 companies including railways, buses and airlines in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Toei Transportation Customer Center
Phone:03-3816-5711 (9:00 -20:00, seven days a week, all year round)

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