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December 13th, 2019
Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion

Tokyo Metropolitan Government selected the Foreign Companies which participate in the Accelerator Program “Tech Business Camp Tokyo”

In order to boost Tokyo’s international competitiveness and create further growth, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has continued to proactively introduce initiatives to attract foreign companies possessing cutting-edge technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including artificial intelligence (AI), VR/AR, robotics and IoT, etc., and to promote transfers of ground-breaking foreign technologies and know-how to Japanese companies.
As a part of this effort, the TMG had launched the Accelerator Program “Tech Business Camp Tokyo” in FY 2017, and called for foreign companies to participate in this program from September 12th to November 8th.
As a result, we received application from 160 companies from 32 countries/regions and selected the participating 13 companies as follows;

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List of participants and their businesses (alphabetical order)

Company Name Country/Region Mainstay business
Atlas Biomed Group Limited United Kingdom Uses data from test kits and an AI-based DNA analyses method to suggest improvements of users’ lifestyles and eating habits through an app.
ELXR Singapore Provides a fitness training menu customized to each user based on their DNA. Uses AI to automatically optimize training menus based on results.
Eyeware Tech Switzerland Provides 3D eye-tracking software which can track and analyze eye movements of multiple individuals extensively and simultaneously.
Genesis Lab, Inc. Korea Uses deep learning logic according to users’ needs. Analyzes an individual’s emotion from video footage and voice recordings.
Ideatory Pte. Ltd. Singapore Recruitment autonomous system which interviews candidates for jobs autonomously and gives them feedback immediately via AI chatbots.
Kitov. ai Israel Utilizes AI and big data to provide a highly accurate 3D visual inspection system.
Mind & Idea Fly Co, Ltd. Taiwan Provides development tools that allow anyone to easily produce multipurpose AR/VR/MR contents for a variety of platforms.
Pokeguide Limited Hong Kong Provides route guidance applications based on location information. Provides a 360° panorama of the most optimal route to a user’s destination in AR.
Quantumzyme India Provides a platform that supports enzyme development. Enables lower costs using a unique AI algorithm that collects and analyzes data related to enzyme development.
Reality AI United States This relatively affordable system can be attached to products to allow for AI analysis of vibrations and noise during operations, providing real-time detection of flaws.
Saffe United Kingdom Provides a mobile payment system that utilizes face authentication systems enabled through deep learning and biometric sensing.
Valkyrie Industries Ltd. United Kingdom Provides VR devices that allow for haptic stimulus as well as visual stimulus. This enables repeated practice of tasks that may be difficult to recreate for training purposes.
VEDA LABS India Uses information collected from devices such as security cameras to analyze facial structure and emotions, identifying individuals’ ages, genders, and emotions. Helps clients to improve their customer services and create strategies. 

*Please see the attached appendix(PDF:140KB) for the program overview.

The Action Plan for 2020 Project
This project is a part of “The Action Plan for 2020”.
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