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March 31, 2020
Bureau of Urban Development

Sharing Tokyo’s history of urban development with the world:
Publication of “The Changing Face of Tokyo” in English

To share the history of Tokyo’s urban development internationally, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has produced an English version of “The Changing Face of Tokyo,” a book it released last June to a favorable reception.
Featuring an abundance of illustrations, the book guides readers through over 400 years of Tokyo’s urban development history and the many changes the city has seen in this period.

Image of the cover

The book’s cover

Examples of featured illustrations

Image of the illustration 1

Ryogoku-bashi in the Edo Period
Source: “Ryogoku-bashi yusuzumi zenzu” (Ryogoku bridge in the cool of the evening)
Property of the National Diet Library

Image of the illustration 2

The completion of Tokyo Station in the Taisho-era
Source: “A magnificent view of Tokyo station, the entrance to the imperial capital”
Property of Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library

Please find information regarding the sale of the book below.

  • On sale from:
    Friday, March 27, 2020
  • Location:
    Tokyo Citizens Information Room, Tokyo Metropolitan Government No. 1 Building, 3F (South side)
  • Phone:
    Opening times: From 9:00 to 18:15 (excluding weekends, public holidays and other days when the Metropolitan Government Buildings are closed.)
  • Price:
    \432 (excluding tax)
    The Japanese version is available for \287 (excluding tax)
  • Specifications:
    A4 size, 128 pages (color)
  • Website

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