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July 13, 2020
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

Winners of the 2020 Tokyo Teshigoto Project Awards Announced

The “Tokyo Teshigoto Project” began in 2015 as an initiative by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center to support the development of new forms of traditional handicrafts which modern consumers would desire, and to cultivate the market for those goods. 14 new products were developed in 2019, with 10 exceptional products being chosen to receive special promotional support. Furthermore, several outstanding products have been chosen as recipients of the Governor’s and other awards.

In previous years, “Tokyo Teshigoto Project” product launches were held to provide exposure to the products and to hold prize ceremonies, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been canceled to prioritize the health and safety of those who would have attended the event. Henceforth, every effort will be made to promote the excellent products that Tokyo’s craftspeople and designers have put their hearts and souls into making.

1 The prize-winning products

Winner of the Governor’s award

Happiness Pandas (Edo Kimekomi Doll)

image of product 1

  • Maker
    Toko Kakinuma, Kakinuma Ningyo Inc.
  • Designer
    Shin Matsuo
  • Description
    Cute panda bobble-head kimekomi dolls in traditional Japanese colors
  • Special features
    The cute expressions on the pandas’ faces coupled with the way their heads bobble make these dolls very cute. Each color has a particular meaning, so you can choose your favorite.

Winner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center Board Chairman’s award

TOKYO RAXA (Tokyo Uchihamono/forged blades)

image of product 2

  • Maker
    Yoichiro and Shojiro Ishizuka, Shojiro Hasami Hamono Kougei Co., Ltd.
  • Designer
    Kunio Sugimoto
  • Description
    These blades are made using the “souhizukuri” technique, which is also used for forging swords. The art of making scissors has been passed from father to son, retaining traditional elements while creating new styles of scissors.

Excellence award

EDO CAT Furin Windchimes (Tokyo Chokin/metal carving)

image of product 3

  • Maker
    Daiki Kaneko, BIG TREE
  • Designers
    Koichi Shibata, Shiho Konno
  • Description
    Tokyo Chokin metal carving combined with an Edo Furin windchime. A windchime with a modern take on this stylish and traditional Edo handicraft.

2 Other products that have been developed

Rattan Diffuser (Tokyo Rattan Craft)

image of product 4

  • Maker
    Hideki Kiuchi, Kiuchi Touzai Kogyo
  • Designer
    Kunihiko Tanaka
  • Description
    Enjoy the scent and flickering of this rattan reed diffuser.

TOKYO NIGHT VIEW (Edo Kiriko/cut glass)

image of product 5

  • Maker
    Kei Hosokoji, Mitsuwa Glass Kogei Inc.
  • Designer
    Hideyuki Kurosaka, Taki Kobo Inc.
  • Description
    Featuring a night view of Tokyo, this product has a modern finish that will appeal to younger people.

BEKKAKU (Edo Kiriko/cut glass)

image of product 6

  • Maker
    Haruki Ishizuka, Mitsuwa Glass Kogei Inc.
  • Designer
    Hiroshi Hirase
  • Description
    An Edo Kiriko glass carved with a completely novel design.

Edo Kiriko Temigaki/Rasen Lowball Glass (Edo Kiriko)

image of product 7

  • Maker
    Shimizu Hidetaka, Kiyohide Glass Workshop
  • Designers
    Yasuhisa and Mayuko Nakajima
  • Description
    Edo Kiriko glasses made by skilled craftspeople using the “temigaki” technique

“Ajiro” Kimekomi ring cases (Edo Kimekomi dolls)

image of product 8

  • Maker
    Toko Kakinuma, Kakinuma Ningyo Inc.
  • Designer
    Oki Yohei, side Inc.
  • Description
    Ring cases made in the style of Edo Kimekomi. Made with great importance paid to price.

Chidori Brushes (Tokyo Teue Brushes)

image of product 9

  • Maker
    Chieko and Michiyo Uno, Uno Hake Brush Manufacturing Inc.
  • Designer
    Atsuko and Masaharu Ohno
  • Description
    Brushes with a chidori (plover) motif. Plovers are considered a sign of good luck. The brushes rock cutely if they are touched.

Edomae Sushi Kiriko (Edo Glassware)

image of product 10

  • Maker
    Kingo Nakamura and Michiko Iwabuchi
  • Designer
    Yasuhisa and Mayuko Nakajima
  • Description
    Vividly colored small cups and dishes that use sushi as a motif.

Regarding promotional activities

The 10 exceptional products being chosen to receive special promotional support will be promoted as follows:

  1. Products will be featured on Instagram to attract fans
  2. Engagement with commercial buyers through fashion trade journals
  3. Promotion through media (e.g., online, magazines, newspapers, etc.)

About the “Tokyo Teshigoto Project”

Born from the enterprising spirit and techniques of Edo’s master artisans, Tokyo’s traditional handicrafts have been passed down for generations. Polished and refined over many years, they are beloved by the masses. The “Tokyo Teshigoto Project” is an initiative to share with a wider audience the appeal of these intricate handicrafts and shed a light on the traditional techniques used to make them.
In addition to revealing their refined style, sublime practicality and usefulness in everyday life, the project aims to develop new handicrafts that brim with a sense of “Tokyo”, and to propose a luxurious kind of lifestyle where one can be surrounded by traditional handicrafts.

Product development

Development teams consist of craftspeople of traditional handicrafts and designers. Together they aim to develop stylish, high-quality new goods which modern consumers seek.


In addition to cultivating new markets for traditional handicrafts through promotional activities, exhibitions and more, promotional and popularization activities raise the brand profile of Tokyo’s traditional handicrafts.

(In addition to the newly developed products mentioned above, promotional support is also provided for existing products.)

Project Flowchart

Image of a flowchart of the project

Image of people together in a hall

The artisan-designer matching event (product development)

Image of a stand with products

Products displayed at an exhibition (promotion)

Please see the project website( External link ) (in Japanese) for further details.

Please click here for the original Japanese press release.

Inquiries (in Japanese only)

(Regarding the project as a whole)
Management Support Section
Commerce and Industry Division
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
Phone: 03-5320-4659

(Regarding the promotion of goods developed as a part of the “Tokyo Teshigoto Project”)
Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center Joto Branch Office
Phone: 03-5680-4631

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