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July 14, 2020
Tokyo Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters

COVID-19 safety stickers being issued as part of initiatives to encourage thorough implementation of the Tokyo Disease Control Measures Guidelines for Businesses

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has begun issuing "COVID-19 safety stickers" to encourage businesses to adhere to the Tokyo Disease Control Measures Guidelines for Businesses. The guidelines have been formulated with the dual aims of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus and maintaining socioeconomic activity.

1) Measures that have been taken

  • New check-sheets have been produced to list the specific measures that businesses should take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They can be found on the TMG website. The check-sheets detail guidelines for 24 specified types of businesses as well as a general set of guidelines for other businesses.
  • Businesses that have checked off and implemented each item on the check-sheet can apply to have COVID-19 safety stickers issued online.
  • Businesses can display the stickers in their shops to inform the public that they are taking appropriate disease control measures.
  • Users can be assured that they can safely visit shops which display the COVID-19 safety stickers. They can also scan the QR code(*) printed on the sticker to check which measures are being taken in the shop.
    *“QR Code” is a trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

Image of COVID-19 safety stickers

2) Website

COVID-19 safety stickers (in Japanese only – machine translation available)

*Applying for stickers is only possible in Japanese.

3) Check-sheets

Please find the English version here (PDF:534KB).

4) Other

Please see the original Japanese press release for further details.

Inquiries (in Japanese only)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government State of Emergency Measures Consultation Center
Phone: 03-5388-0567
Operating hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day
*Please be careful not to dial the wrong number